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Tigard Family Dental, located at 11820 SW King James Pl Suite 20, Tigard, OR 97224-2481, has permanently closed. Former patients can get their records or have them transferred to Dr. Williams office, Premier Dental and Implants. Please call (503) 968-2901 for more information on receiving/transferring your records.

Tooth Loss
Tigard, OR

Patient discussing tooth loss from Tigard Family Dental in Tigard, ORContrary to popular belief, tooth loss may not always be related to aging. When we lose a tooth, it is usually due to two causes: either an accident or as a result of bad oral health. This, in addition to certain conditions that also predispose to such loss (such as cavities and advanced periodontal disease), can lead to further edentulism. Hence, the importance of preventive dental care cannot be overstated. At Tigard Family Dental, we always opt for restorative methods before extractions. Therefore, we are glad to inform you about the importance of preventing tooth loss.

Preventive Dental Care

While it is possible to treat most oral-related diseases, it is always preferred to avoid them in the first place. This is, essentially, the foundation of preventive dentistry. Following an appropriate hygiene and cleaning routine is intimately related to the avoidance of bacterial plaque on our teeth. This means that the better the care, the fewer bacteria, and therefore, greater longevity of our teeth.

The two most common diseases that cause tooth loss are cavities and periodontal disease, which are still present in our society despite the efforts of preventive dentistry to eradicate them. Hence the importance of regularly consulting with our specialists, who will know how to take care of your teeth effectively and comfortably. It is also our priority to inform you of the measures and instructions to take to avoid the development of said diseases.

Preventive dental care becomes a determining factor in older adults, as more risk factors begin to add to their oral health, including medications for multiple medical conditions, and deterioration in the function of the salivary glands. Therefore, it is the responsibility of our health professionals, and yours as well, to keep your smile healthy.

Positive Impacts of Keeping Natural Teeth in Old Age

Every person who keeps their natural teeth, just for that fact, has a better quality of life. Dental loss decreases the chances of a healthy diet and efficient hygiene habits, also adding the cost of dental treatments after the loss, which is much higher than those of preventive dentistry.

When losing teeth, we automatically limit the foods we consume, since chewing becomes a more tedious task. This negatively affects our diet, reducing our energy levels and general enjoyment of life. In addition to that, a decreased chewing capacity alters the perception of food flavors, so we end up not enjoying eating as we used to.

Unfortunately, patients choose to eliminate fruits, vegetables, and protein from their diet. This further encourages the deterioration of oral and general health, weakens the chewing force, and predisposes to malnutrition - especially in advanced ages where diet care is a fundamental factor in controlling problems such as heart disease and diabetes mellitus.

The best way to avoid all of these complications and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of natural and healthy teeth is through prevention and daily care. At Tigard Family Dental, we will give you all of the instructions and the necessary help so that you can keep your teeth healthy. In turn, you can smile throughout your life without any problems. Please schedule your appointment with our team of dental professionals by calling us at (971) 762-1262 today.

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Tooth Loss - Tigard Family Dental - Dentist Tigard, OR
Contrary to popular belief, tooth loss may not always be related to aging. Call Tigard Family Dental right now and schedule a consultation for your health!
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